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Why We Are the Best

Established in 2019, Owner/Operator Matthew Hastings, using his background in business and his 10+ years of operating heavy equipment, decided to change the way the land management business was done. Hastings Land Management offers reliable and professional service in an industry fraught with horror stories from fly-by-night companies seeking to make a dollar and leave. Beginning with a truck, trailer, a small stump grinder and a dream, Hastings Land Management has grown to a fleet of machinery designed to produce quality results in a timely manner.

As of January 2023, the company was relocated to central Florida, where Mr. Hastings has rooted his family. Now Hastings Land Management proudly serves Volusia county and surrounding areas, with an ever growing fleet of heavy machinery and an expert well trained team of operators.


Regardless of the project's scale, from backyard retreats to expansive landscapes, our team delivers the same unwavering professionalism and reliability from start to finish.


Transparency and open communication are the foundations of our approach. As a cohesive team, we work together to prioritize the needs of our customers and support one another.


We believe that relationships hold the greatest significance. We look forward to the opportunity to forge new friendships as we create your ideal land project.